Death by Power Point?……Rapid E-Learning to the Rescue!!


“Death by PowerPoint” is how critics describe Power Point presentations that cause extreme boredom and fatigue induced by information overload and “clicky-clicky bling-bling” (which will be the subject of a future posting – stay tuned).  If you’ve ever had to sit through a slide-show presentation that is far too long and complex, makes excessive use of slides animations and the “Las Vegas” approach to graphics and backgrounds (i.e. “clicky-clicky bling-bling”), and a presenter that speaks the way your GPS speaks to you……death by Power Point can be a sloooow and painful…..death.  At least to your attention span.  

BUT WAIT!!!!  

Don’t send your Power Point slide presentations to the Recycle Bin just yet!!!  Dust off your old templates and keep an open mind!  There is a hope!!

Introducing RAPID E-LEARNING!!!!

What the heck is Rapid E-Learning

Rapid = quickly

E-Learning = computer-based learning

Umm….ok, not quite – but almost…  Rapid e-Learning has about a dozen different definitions depending on who you ask.  But for the purpose of this blog, Rapid e-Learning refers to the software tools and the KNOW-HOW for building e-learning courses quickly, effectively, and affordably without special programming skills!  At the end of the day, it just means getting cool and awesome looking e-learning courses to the right audience, at the right time while operating at the speed of business.

Rapid E-Learning puts non-techies back in control of the training design and development process:

  • No more boring Word documents and Power Point slides.

  • No more paying big bucks and waiting around for traditional vendors to build your e-learning course and interactive assessments

  • PowerPoint presentations (which everyone knows how to use…..right??) can be transformed into powerful, interactive and engaging e-learning courses and assessments relatively quickly


But let’s take baby steps!!

We’re not going to tackle absolutely everything in one blog post, so let’s start with a couple of recos:

For e-learning authoring, I would recommend Articulate Storyline 2. This one is quickly becoming my favourite one to use!  Simply because it’s pretty intuitive and comes with a huge online support community.  Details below:

  • Import your Power Point decks and convert them to e-learning

  • Creates both videos and interactive games and AICC- and SCORM-compliant quizzes

The one thing I dislike about Storyline 2 is its underwhelming video editing capability.  

So for easy-to-use video editing software, I recommend Camtasia by TechSmith (same makers as Snag It).  Details below:

  • Can create videos with audio and outputs to wmv

  • Can create animations and annotations in editing phase

  • Can add images in editing phase


Anyway, that's it for today but watch this space for more exciting and easy e-learning tips. Contact us to learn how the team at KeJo Solutions can help you and your organization harness the benefits of Rapid e-learning